Many tools can be used for graphic designs including digital media. Using a graphic program, such as PaintShop Pro or PhotoShop, digital media can be ltered in many ways to produce magnificent images.


I remeber as a child playing with a kaleidescope. It was so fun and somehow soothing. Now I play with kaleidescopes digitally. It is still lots of fun and very soothing! Here is my tutorial using PaintShop Pro from Corel. It is a much cheaper progran than most out there and you can download for a free 30 day trial. There is no affiliate link, I just like the program.

To start, open Corel PaintShop Pro.
Click the Edit tab at the top.

Now click File, Open and open the picture you want to use for your kaleidescopes. I will be using this one. Each image can be used for several kaleidescopes. This one came from a Windows desktop theme.


Once you have your file open, click Effects, Reflection Effects, Kaleidescope. A window will open where you can adjust settings to get the effect you want. Click the Preview on Image at the top right of the window to automatically show your effect.

There are several ways to change the effect. You can click the small dice at the top to automatically get a different effect or you can change any of the settings manually to get the desired effect.

Just by clicking the dice icon I got this effect. You may (probably) will get a different one. But if you set all the settings shown and are using the same picture you will get this.

By just clicking Wrap instead of Repeat this is the result! Play with all the settings and create awesome kaleidescopes!